NOTE: For privacy the living are represented by initials and those born after the 1960's are not listed.~Janice Day Amenta
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Sites of Paterson

These are all by video artist ReelLifeCam
Paterson, NJ Drive 01 - Market St., Alexander Hamilton Homes, Park Ave
Paterson, NJ Drive 02 - Main Street, Saint Joseph's, Newark Ave, Bloomfield Ave, Hazel St.
Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church - Paterson, NJ
Paterson, NJ Drive 14 - Market St., Park Ave, Dr. MLK Jr. Way, Presidential Blvd, East Main
Paterson, NJ Drive 16 - Haledon Ave, Roe St., Jefferson St.
Paterson, NJ Drive 17 - Totowa Ave, Redwood Ave, Chamberlain Ave, Maitland Ave
Paterson, NJ Drive 08 - 21st Ave., Summer St., Straight St.
Passaic Great Falls - Paterson, NJ - From Foot Bridge - Flood by ronnarozny
Great Falls of Paterson New Jersey by MOEFAGANOA
Paterson, NJ Views from Garret Mountain
Paterson History Paterson NJ - A look back by waynemanchester1

NORTH JERSEY Silk City Loftsby silkcitylofts

DAY Name Meaning

Day Name Meaning English: from a pet form of David. English: from the Middle English personal name Day(e) or Dey(e), Old English Dæi, apparently from Old English dæg ‘day’, perhaps a short form of Old English personal names such as Dægberht and Dægmund. Reaney, however, points to the Middle English word day(e), dey(e) ‘dairy maid’, ‘(female) servant’ (from Old English d?ge, cognate with Old Norse deigja ‘female servant’, ultimately from a root meaning ‘to knead’, and related to the word for dough), which he says came to be used for a servant of either sex. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Deaghaidh (see O’Dea). Scottish: from an Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name Daìdh, a colloquial form of David. Welsh: from Dai, a pet form of the personal name Dafydd, Welsh form of David.

Charlie Amenta with their dog, Suzy, 5th Ave. Paterson

Charlie Amenta with their dog,  Suzy, 5th Ave. Paterson