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Dunn Tree ~ The Dunn's and what we know about them.

  We go back to 1844!
      ~John Dunn was born about 1844. He married Ellen Refaw (unsure of Ellen's name.) She was also born about 1844. They had a son James J. Dunn, b. 1864.
 James J. Dunn, b. 1864 (son John and Ellen Dunn both birth about 1844.) James, (age 22) married. Mary M. McCarthy Dunn, (age 19) on January 17, 1886 in St. Agnes Church by Father Downs. Mary was the daughter of Henry McCarthy and Catherine Tyrell. She was born on February 14, 1867 in Paterson, NJ and died February 27, 1950. Her address was 188 Jackson Street, Paterson, NJ which was in the area (from Peach Street and Chadwich) known as Dublin Paterson because so many Irish lived there.
Children of James and Mary Dunn are: (date are approximant)
Henry J. Dunn, b. abt. 1885
Agnes Dunn Brennan, b abt. 1886
Mae Dunn Gehring, b abt. 1887
John Francis Dunn, b. January 25 1888, Paterson, NJ: died May 20, 1955, Paterson, NJ.
Anna Dunn McCarthy, b 1894, Paterson, NJ, died 1977 at the age of 83.


John Francis Dunn (son of James J. Dunn, b. 1864 and Mary M. McCarthy Dunn, January 17, 1886)
John Francis Dunn was born January 25, 1888 in Paterson, NJ and died May 20, 1955. He was married to Sadie Veronica Craig Dunn on January 25, 1907 at St. John's Cathedral, Paterson, NJ.

Photo of John and Sadie maybe early 1950's

Sadie Veronica Craig Dunn was the daughter of Henry Craig, (born abt 1865) and Mary Hagan Craig,( born abt. 1865.) Sadie Veronica Craig Dunn was born September 5 (?), 1886 or 87 in Paterson, NJ and died October 5, 1970 in Lincoln Park.

Children of John Francis Dunn and Sadie Veronica Craig Dunn were;

Annie Veronica Dunn Budnick, b. January 3, 1908.
Alice Dunn Bamper, b. March 24, 1910, Paterson, NJ; d. January 25, 1992, Clifton, NJ.
John Dunn b. 1912 (Died about 6 months later)
Sadie Dunn Nichols, b. January 17, 1915
Ruth Catherine Dunn Day, b. January 23, 1916, Paterson, NJ; d. November 10, 1971, Paterson, NJ.
Frances Dunn Baron, b. April 29, 1917
Edwin Joseph Dunn, b. January 28, 1922
John Dunn, b. abt. 1929; died shortly after.
Dolores Ann Dunn Bonagura, b. October 28 1929, Paterson, NJ.

                                                         Photo from 1928!

From left to right, ages 10 to 12
Sadie, Ruth 12, Babe (Frances) and 4 of the Brennan cousins. The one in the hat is
Jack Brennan, Tennis Champion.

Photo from 1936!

Ruth Dunn age 20 at Garrett Mountain overlooking Paterson.

Photo from 1950!

Top row: Ruth (pregnant with 3rd child, Jan,) Alice, Annie, Sadie, Babe
Front row: Granddad John Dunn, Grandma Sadie Dunn, Ed, and Dolores.

The Craig Family

Henry Craig was born about 1865. He married Mary Hagan Craig. She was born abt. 1865.
Children of Henry Craig and Mary Hagan Craig were:
Henry Craig, born about 1885. Married to Liza Craig.
Alice Craig Clayton, b. Abt. 1886
Alexander Craig, b. Abt. 1887; Married to Ruth McMullin Dunn, b. Abt. 1885.
Sadie Veronica Craig Dunn, b. September 3, 1887, Paterson, NJ
Marriage Certificate for James J. Dunn and Mary Mc Carthy Dunn.

Marriage Certificate for James J. Dunn, age 22 and Mary Mc Carthy Dunn, age 19 on January 17 1886.

Below is the reverse side of the Certificate with the parents names written on it. It was not clear at the time of this writing what Ellen's maiden name was. John McCarthy is a witness. Unsure if he is a relative of Mary Mc Carthy Dunn's.
Mary M. McCarthy Dunn's Death Certificate, February 27, 1950 and her obituary notice.

Descendants in Dunn Family
Generation No. 1
 JOHN DUNN was born Abt. 1844. He married ELLEN (UNSURE OF NAME) REFAW. She was born Abt. 1844.
Child of JOHN DUNN and ELLEN REFAW is:
JAMES J. DUNN, b. 1864.
Generation No. 2
JAMES J. DUNN (JOHN) was born 1864. He married MARY M. MCCARTHY DUNN January 17, 1886 in St. Agnes R.C. Church by Father Downs, daughter of HENRY MCCARTHY and CATHERINE TYRELL. She was born February 14, 1867 in Paterson, NJ, and died February 27, 1950 in 188 Jackson Str., Paterson, NJ.
Peach Street and Chadwich area were called Dublin Paterson so many Irish lived there. At death was living at 188 Jackson St. Died in ST. Joseph's Hospital
Children of JAMES DUNN and MARY DUNN are:
 HENRY J. DUNN, b. Abt. 1887.
  AGNES DUNN BRENNAN, b. Abt. 1888.
 MAE DUNN GEHRING, b. Abt. 1888.
JOHN FRANCIS DUNN, b. January 25, 1888, Paterson, NJ; d. May 20, 1955, Paterson, NJ.
  ANNA DUNN (DIED 1977 AGE 83) MCCARTHY, b. 1894, Paterson, NJ; d. 1977, 83 years old.
Generation No. 3
JOHN FRANCIS DUNN (JAMES J., JOHN) was born January 25, 1888 in Paterson, NJ, and died May 20, 1955 in Paterson, NJ. He married SADIE VERONICA CRAIG DUNN January 25, 1907 in or 1908 at St.John's Cathedral, Paterson, daughter of HENRY CRAIG and MARY CRAIG. She was born September 5, 1887 in Paterson,NJ (1886 or 87), and died October 5, 1970 in Lincoln Park Nursing Home.
Children of JOHN DUNN and SADIE DUNN are:

 b. January 3, 1908. (JOHN FRANCIS DUNN, JAMES J., JOHN). She married ALEXANDER BUDNICK. He was born Abt. 1908. They had three daughters: J B, Diane B, C B L
 DIANE BUDNICK VAN WINKLE, b. Abt. 1945; d. (decreased).
ALICE DUNN BUMPER, b. March 24, 1910, Paterson, NJ; d. January 25, 1992, Clifton, NJ.
She married WILLIAM BAMPER. He was born Abt. 1910.
Alice and  Bill Bumper had three sons: B B, B B and E B.
B B married M B.
E B married D F, He died of cancer.
SADIE DUNN NICHOLS, b. January 17, 1915.
 She married WILLIAM NICHOLS. He was born Abt. 1915.
Sadie married Bill Nickols. They had six children:
RUTH C DUNN DAY, b. January 23, 1916, Paterson, NJ; d. November 10, 1971, Paterson, NJ.
   She married IRA REESE DAY April 15, 1944 in ST. Mary's Church, Union St., Paterson, NJ, son of IRA DAY and MARY Connell DAY. He was born January 13, 1921 in St Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, NJ, and died June 27, 1970 in St Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, NJ.
Notes for RUTH C DUNN DAY:
In the mid-1960's, my mother, Ruth, saved a baby's life when our family was a Ricabear Lake, in kinalon NJ. She was heading for the snack bar on the beach and coming along the path of trees that ran beside the lake where she had just past the tables of picnicers when so saw the baby in the water right off the bank. No one else was looking so she waded into the water and grabbed the child.
by J D
I discovered somethings else about my mother when I started St. Joseph's high school. I took French my first year. The first day of class the teacher, a woman, who I sorry to say I don't remember her name now, was from France. She called my name and as me to stand she told the class that she was honored to be teaching me because it was my mother who taught her English.
When I told my mother, this and ask about it she told me my teacher had being in a camp in the WWII when the Germans held France and that a Russian Prince had saved her from the camp and death. They had come to America and lived upstairs from my family on Madison Avenue, Paterson, NJ. But my teacher couldn't speech english so they just waved hi when they saw each other.
One day, not long after my teacher and her family moved in, my mother went to the grocery store around the corner on Market Street. My teacher was there and was looking at the money she had in her hand and crying. My mother looked at the items she was buying and at her money and showed her how much was needed to pay for them. Then my mother took her home and began to teach my French teacher the english language. My mother told this to me with a air of not having done anything special. But I think it was.
I didn't do well in french and after exams, my teacher called me to her desk and quietly said I should not take french II, but she was passing me because of my mother. She added, and because she changed my drapers when I was a baby. ~J D
Children of RUTH DAY and IRA DAY are:
 L D M, b. Paterson, NJ.
D D W, b. Paterson, NJ.
 J D
 IRA REESE DAY, JR., b. December 11, 1953, Paterson, NJ;
d. August 8, 1989, Paterson, NJ.
 D D, b. Paterson, NJ.
Notes for IRA REESE DAY, JR.:
Called Ike. Was called Junior until he was 2, then they decide to call him Ike after President Dwight(I like Ike) Eisenhower.
Ike was orphaned at age 17 and lived in the YMCA, then with his closest friend, T G and his family. Serviced in the Navy on the USS Lyndsay McCormick (a battle ship) for about 4 years. After he got out, he lived with his brother, DD and his wife, C B D. He worked fixing cameras and as a letter carrier in the Post Office, Paterson, NJ. He along with T B and his wife, E B, bought a house on 8th Street in Paterson. Ike finally received his college degree in history and was planning on teaching when he died. He also had applied for a position in the Post Office a Postmaster. After his death, the family learned he would have gotten that promotion.
 FRANCES DUNN BARON, b. April 29, 1917.
FRANCES DUNN BARON (JOHN FRANCIS DUNN, JAMES J., JOHN) was born April 29, 1917. She married MARTIN BARON. He was born Abt. 1915.
Called Babe. Frances married Martin (Mart) Baron. They had three children.
 P B B
 M B
had 1 son; m. D B.
 was born January 28, 1922. He married MARY DUNN. She was born Abt. 1922.
Ed married M D. They had two daughters, K D and J D.
Children of EDWIN DUNN and MARY DUNN are:
 K D
 J D

born October 28, 1929 in Paterson, NJ. She married ANGELO BONAGURA. He was born Abt. 1929.  Notes for DOLORES ANN DUNN BONAGURA:
Dolores married Angelo Bonagura and had four children.
 T B
 S B M


DAY Name Meaning

Day Name Meaning English: from a pet form of David. English: from the Middle English personal name Day(e) or Dey(e), Old English Dæi, apparently from Old English dæg ‘day’, perhaps a short form of Old English personal names such as Dægberht and Dægmund. Reaney, however, points to the Middle English word day(e), dey(e) ‘dairy maid’, ‘(female) servant’ (from Old English d?ge, cognate with Old Norse deigja ‘female servant’, ultimately from a root meaning ‘to knead’, and related to the word for dough), which he says came to be used for a servant of either sex. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Deaghaidh (see O’Dea). Scottish: from an Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name Daìdh, a colloquial form of David. Welsh: from Dai, a pet form of the personal name Dafydd, Welsh form of David.

Charlie Amenta with their dog, Suzy, 5th Ave. Paterson

Charlie Amenta with their dog,  Suzy, 5th Ave. Paterson